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Introduction to the Demo-Version

Introduction to the Full Version

The Power Market Simulator

Today the Power Market Simulator covers only the Nordic countries, but the simulator is being further developed to cover the whole world. It is very easy to use the Power Market Simulator, and it is primarily intended as a teaching tool.


Instead of the general outlines for supply and demand curves, which are usually used in the textbooks, the Power Market Simulator can work with the real supply and demand curves, and you can change the key parameters and see how they affect market prices and competitive conditions between the production units.


The demo version of the Market Simulator can be used as an introduction to the spot market for electricity. With demo version you get insight into how the system price is formed. In the full version of Market simulator you can learn about price areas and you can build your own power market.

You can login to The Market Simulator by participating in Strategirummets Power Market cource, or by purchasing a license. See the "license"

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